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About Shift Up Now

We are a collective of female racers using motorsports to inspire confidence and courage.

Our Mission:

We want to see all women step on the gas, navigate the corners and use the brakes to drive through life on whatever road they travel.

Our Vision:

Using the teamwork of auto racing, Shift Up Now drives to empower a generation of women. The future depends upon women and men working together interacting with respect and compassion to stop the myth of gender specific roles that stifle creativity and advancement.

Meet Our Team

Lynn Schultz Kehoe

Founder and CEO

Karen Salvaggio


Shift Up Now Who We Are

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You’ll see us competing, motivating and instructing. We even included some of our own mishaps because you know, it happens!!

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Ambassador Program

Shift Up Now, a leader in supporting women and girls in motorsports, encourages your participation and application to our Ambassador Program!

Key components of the Shift Up Now (SUN) mission are to contribute to educational and women’s initiatives, introduce women to motorsports, support drivers and aspiring racers, as well as boost current racers as they work toward accomplishing their championship goals.

Our tiered Ambassador Program seeks to identify and provide support to a select number of highly qualified racers to become Brand Ambassadors or Driver Development Delegates. Ambassadors and Delegates will be chosen from among multiple motorsports disciplines through an application process.

Women racers from all disciplines in motorsports are encouraged to contact ambassador@shiftupnow.com for more information. Individuals and businesses interested in providing support and products to our racers can contact us at info@shiftupnow.com

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Junior Ambassador Program

Shift Up Now’s Junior Ambassador Program was developed to help aspiring young racers meet their racing objectives, both short and long term. The program serves as a network for information, guidance and support. Our Junior Ambassador Facebook page (a closed, invitation only group) has articles, advice, allows our Junior Ambassadors to talk to each other, and access to our Professional racers and Brand Ambassadors. Junior Ambassadors are able to directly contact the program coordinators seeking career advice and support. We help develop annual goals that will serve as a guide toward improving race craft, sponsorship and development of confidence and courage on and off the racetrack.

We encourage all girls younger than 15 who are interested in any form of racing, to register to become a Shift Up Now Junior Ambassador.

Our Junior Ambassadors will receive an original ShiftUp Now decal, in appreciation for joining forces with our community!

Honorary Ambassadors

Honorary Shift Up Now Ambassadors are dedicated supports who understand and value our mission. Men and women are welcome to sign up as an Honorary Ambassador. We hope you’ll support us by purchasing our gear through our on-line store, displaying our decals (we’ll send you some just for signing up), contributing financially through Shift Up Now (a 501(c)3 non-profit, liking and tagging us on social media.