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We want to see all women step on the gas,

navigate the corners and use the brakes

to drive through life with confidence and courage.


Here’s How.


Clarity: First, you need to get in the car.

Starting a race can be intimidating and exhilarating; let one of our racers talk to your group about how to overcome the trepidations.  We’ll talk about obstacles and challenges we face as female racers and how by using our horsepower effectively, we overcome them both on and off the track. We’ll help you see clearly how our experiences can have a meaningful impact on whatever goal you’re striving for.  We also offer an “ACE” supplemental program (1-hour hands-on Auto Care Experience) showing basic car maintenance to avoid or overcome common auto-related mishaps. Learn More

Confidence: Ready to start your engine?

Accelerate your confidence by participating in our leadership program using lessons learned from your own experiences driving on a racetrack.  If you can drive a car, if you have ever questioned your confidence or just need a boost for more confidence, our leadership seminars are for you.  Imagine the picture on your desk with you in a race car that you actually drove! Your colleagues and clients will know instantly that you’re full of confidence having tackled this sport. Learn More

Courage: It’s time to step on the gas!

Drive with our race team. If you want to get on a race track to learn high performance driving education (HPDE)  or learn to race, we’ll help you navigate the roads to get there.  Beginners are welcome, we offer advice to get you started as a novice, intermediate or advanced driver through instruction and coaching for the novice or aspiring racer. Or if you already have a racing license, contact us to drive with our team. And if you’re courageous but not into driving, please join us on the pit crew, in the stands as an awesome fan or become a sponsor.  Contact us to join the team.

Charity: We all need pit stops.

The drive through life doesn’t happen alone and everyone needs a “pit crew” at some point. Shift Up contributes to educational and women’s initiatives that align with our mission.

To date, we have donated to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) initiative of Stoneleigh Burnham School and to #timesup. We support the women speaking up today through the #metoo movement and drive to help all women gain courage and confidence so future generations will speak out against harassment, abuse, and discrimination.