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Amy Dilks – Racer, Chief Driving Instructor and Coach

Amy grew up with a love for cars at a young age, in high school she discovered the sport of Rally watching the World Rally Championship on TV, and became a diehard Subaru fan. She learned about High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) at the repair shop where she took a newly acquired used Subaru STi (her dream car) , after discovering that the previous owner hadn’t had proper maintenance done, and the engine and turbo failed. A lifelong adrenaline junkie, Amy was hooked on HPDE after her first event in April 2010. She worked her way up the HPDE ladder and eventually tested for and earned her competition license in April 2013 with the National Auto Sports Association (NASA). Amy qualified in “pole position” (first place) in her first race.

Unfortunately, after leading the race from the start, a slight error resulted in a race ending crash. Undaunted, Amy towed her car home and set to re-building it. She returned to competition only 2 months later and continued that momentum to claim both the race and Time Trial Championships in her rookie year. Since then, Amy has expanded her racing resume to include Autocross, Rallycross, Karting, Endurance Racing, and Sprint Racing with in many different motorsports organizations.

Amy’s holds racing licenses from 6 organizations including an International Racing License issued through the FIA (Federation Internationale de L’Automobile). Her racing track record includes numerous sprint and endurance races and is highlighted by almost as many spots on the podium. Among her impressive finishes are: National Championship in 2017 with Sports Car Club of America, first place finishes in endurance races with American Endurance Racing and PBOC Night Endurance Race (with the Shift Up team), and multiple first place finishes in sprint races and time trial throughout her racing career.

Amy serves as the Chief Driving Instructor for Shift Up where she is responsible for organizing all of the company’s driving and car related experiences. She also screens driving instructors to assure Shift Up drivers have the best possible learning experience. When off-track, Amy is a clinical trial coordinator and she is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing through SUNY New Paltz. She has an Associate’s degree in Science from SUNY Dutchess.