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Krista Peden Williams – Racer

Krista won her very first HPDE, taking the checkered flag in the green run group.  While others were confused when she pulled into the winner’s circle and executed smoky burnout donuts, she knew her track future was off to a bright start. Krista’s (now) husband gave her a certificate for the week-long Panoz Racing School at Road Atlanta in 2002. He calls this gift the most expensive present on earth, and is still paying for it today. At the end of that week, she had her SCCA race license and progressed through tracking her Acura NSX, Porsche 911, BMW E30 and M3.

While it took a few years of HPDE driving and instructing with PCA, BMWCCA, NASA, THSCC and several other clubs, running in time trials and all other manner of seat time, she eventually moved into wheel-to-wheel racing.

Krista currently drives with the BMWCCA, piloting the FTW Racing #611 IP BMW M3. Krista also wrenches on her own car, doing pretty much anything except motor rebuilds (that’s next).

For her career, Krista is a technology professional, manager and strategist supporting multiple client’s ERP systems. She also enjoys a good bottle of wine and fine meals.