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Sarah Montgomery – Professional Racer

Born and raised in Lafayette, LA, Sarah grew up with a zest for life in the heart of Cajun Country. At the very young age of 10 years old, Sarah and her family attended an Indycar event in Dallas, TX. As Sarah states, “The smell of the fuel and burning rubber, the speed and excitement, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was hooked.” Excitement turned to an obsession and a dream that has never faltered. Shortly after the event, Sarah began pushing to race dirt oval go karts. Persistence paid off and wanting to use her own money for the first time, the parents relented.

After a few seasons racing on dirt, Sarah won three championships throughout the southern United States. She knew she wanted to continue her dream of racing and found a way to begin competing in Spec Miata before she even had her drivers license.

After a few years in Spec Miata, the opportunity arose for her to make her debut into professional racing in the Battery Tender Mazda MX5 Cup Series in 2014. Her rookie year, she was the highest finishing female and top ten in points. She continued competing in the series through 2016 and joined Pirelli World Challenge in 2017 with Shea Racing. Sarah continues to compete on a professional level when funding is available.

When Sarah is not racing, she is a high performance driving instructor at Porsche Experience Center as well as coaching private clients. She enjoys teaching others about her passion and also helping young women believe in their dreams.