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Sarah Robinson – Racer

Sarah knew long ago that she wanted to build her career in the racing and performance driving industry. It seemed so clear and obvious to her, she is perhaps the only one who didn’t think it was a ‘big deal’ to be the first female subjective test driver at Michelin NA, testing street tires and race tires before they ever went to market. This bred the skill set to extract the best lap times from a huge range of vehicles, and the distinctive ability of being able to test a Porsche 911 on a race track one day, and drift a Freightliner on a half mile skidpad the next.

When she is off the clock, she is competing with her E36 M3 in National Auto Sports Association (NASA) Time Trials, winning the regional championship with in her first year, and doing in car instruction for various manufacturers and car clubs.

After her stint as a test driver at Michelin, she has come full circle to become the North American Motorsport Marketing Manager for Michelin, where she gets to work with race teams and manufacturers from a unique driver’s perspective.