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Sarah Taylor – Social Media and Driver Support

Shortly after buying her first sports car (a 2004 Subaru Wrx) in 2005, Sarah fell down the rabbit hole of the enthusiast community/car forums. After finding that other females existed in the community but were almost “in hiding,” she created the group SubieGirls to give them all a place to educate, encourage and empower each other. This group became a national network and it is how she and Amy Dilks were first connected. While thinking of a way to add her philanthropic interests to the community, the team Scoobies for Boobies was born and they raised money nationally and even internationally for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and The Keep-A-Breast foundation. At the bottom of the rabbit hole was Wicked Big Meet (WBM), America’s largest Subaru enthusiast festival, where she spent a few years on the core event team as their logistics coordinator.

During her time in the Subaru community, she joined some of her friends at a time trial event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and the motorsports seed was planted. She drove some high performance driving education (HPDE) events with BMWCCA and COMSCC but never looked back after finding her home with NASANE thanks to an invitation to try the group from Amy.

After joining NASANE she was bumped to driving in group 3, and spent the season gaining speed due to Amy’s stellar instructing while sitting in the right seat of her own cars. Having spent one season as a paddock volunteer gridding the cars for races and pushing them through impound, she was “promoted” to registration. After a couple of spins in Amy’s car, she set out to get her own track car to spin but stayed working with NASANE where she has honed many motorsports logistics skills alongside the Chief Registrar. When you find her outside of registration, she may be splitting grid for a race start, doing communication for a driver, snapping photos/managing the group’s social media, watering the racers at impound, or decorating for the trophy BBQ.

Though stints with a Miata and e36 M3 did not pan out, she is still on a mission to find the right track car and occasionally hops into others’ cars for sessions to keep the seed watered.