Shift Up Now Racers

Shift Up Now Racers

Shift Up Now Racers

Posted In Mar 25, 2020

Shift Up Now racers, Sarah Montgomery and Loni Unser, joined by Honorary Ambassador Michael Gilbert ran two great races last weekend in Road Warrior, the Porsche Boxster campaigned by Round 3 Racing. The team finished 3rd in Class on Saturday and 5th in class Sunday. Saturday’s race started with 10 yellow flags in the first 2 hours allowing the team to conserve fuel and limit driver changes. The strategy helped their successful run to finish in 3rd place.

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  1. On Sunday, conditions were very different and it was wheel-to-wheel for all 8 hours of the race. Halfway through the race, mechanical difficulties caused driver Sarah Montgomery to pit in while the pit crew was able to find and resolve the problem. The delay caused the team to fall several laps down from the lead lap; a situation they were unable to overcome….

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